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Nature Quotes


Inspiring Quotes spanning through time that reflect the healing power of nature. Since recorded time, there has been a knowing of value of being in nature to soothe us, to ground us, and to reinvigorate our spirits. 

Articles and Studies


Here you will find valuable resources about nature, with references to studies throughout the world related to the value of people connecting with the simplicity, calming and beauty of nature.

Links to Nature Benefits


Here are some references to displaying the  benefits of nature, including works of mine with Tim Blake Imagery. There is more and more attention to understanding how the nature profoundly affects our state of mind and mood, our vitality, and our overall energy.

About The Images Here

The Images displayed on this website all come from the collection of images contained in the book Imagery To Life from Tim Blake Imagery, With the magic of current technology, these images come to life with the app HP Reveal. You can find out more at so you can experience the live scenes from these images, some with binaural surround sound recordings and some with healing music courtesy of David Gibson and his Sound Healing Center. More on David's work at